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In the eDiscovery arena there is a growing preference for the flexible workflow, customer service, pricing, and neutrality.


EDD Processing

Minify is a proven electronic discovery processing suite that can deliver consistent results on all types of projects

Document Review

Document Review

Minify is an intuitive and highly flexible online data review and early case assessment tool. Using the power of Minify Discovery’s



Minify Discovery provides a first-class hosting environment capable of supporting Web-based review for multiple reviewers.


Paper Discovery

While electronic documents make up the bulk of litigation matter, paper documents still exist, and Minify Discovery offers

Special Offer

Processing and hosting of up to 5 GB
Free for 30 days
First Time User Special Offer


$8 per GB per month after 88 days

Additional review licences at $28 per/mo

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About Us



Minify is developed by a team of eDiscovery experts after years of research. It is a complete eDiscovery platform bundled with ESI processing service that is fast, hence reduces the time to prepare cases and, a cloud based secure but versatile platform for attorney review. Minify Discovery’s automated workflow adapts to the needs of any case, providing a defensible, repeatable, and documented process. Minify is both scalable and distributable to allow users to easily manage the massive amount of data encountered in today's complex litigation.

With the belief that eDiscovery professionals needed more simple but efficient software, along with lower and more predictable pricing, Minify Discovery has developed an eDiscovery platform that takes advantage of both technology and capacity enhancements with the release of its new 3rd generation eDiscovery software platform.

Building on the lessons learnt from years of processing of all forms of data, our development team has created a simplified approach. The processing service and production engine incorporates advanced features litigation professionals require and to help reviewers quickly identify and analyze data, while the cloud-based review platform offers an advanced and customizable alternative to traditional software at a low, bundled cost.

Minify Discovery is committed to developing innovative and intuitive applications that deliver reasonable and predictable costs for EDD Processing, review and production. The Company’s web-based Early Case Assessment (ECA) and eDiscovery review platform significantly reduces review software costs and easily adapts to case and reporting requirements. Founded by seasoned litigation professionals, Minify Discovery is dedicated to providing the rock-solid software and support, necessary to meet tight deadlines.

Our Approach

Minify offers a proven electronic discovery processing suite that helps companies quickly identify and analyze data. The processing service is bundled with an intuitive and highly flexible online data review and early case assessment tool.

Using the power of Minify processing engine, Minify Discovery manages end-to-end back end processing of ESI data and then facilitates the efficient review and culling of case data through an easy-to-use web interface. Minify Discovery’s fully customizable layout can adapt to the requirements of any case. Features include basic linear review, advanced searching, and powerful reporting that can all be accomplished by logging on from any computer without the need to install software locally.

Minify Discovery also offers ESI processing as stand along service. The results from EDD Processing can be integrated with review applications such as Relativity, Concordance, Catalyst, and iConect.

Minify Discovery doesn’t use vendors for EDD Processing. Minify Discovery’s data center is located in Chicago and it effectively manages eDiscovery processing 24x7 by accessing technicians and experts who are ready around the globe to assist. Minify Discovery is available 24/7 to handle eDiscovery support needs and can also assist with Manual EDD QC process.

With Minify Discovery, you get the peace of mind that only comes from exceptional service, proven experience and consistent, bottom-line results that our clients know and expect.

  • Know your litigation costs before you start spending
  • Eliminate extra cost that can result from vendor-to-vendor relationships
  • Increase litigation readiness with efficient processes
  • Save time so your team can focus on core tasks
  • Free yourself from the hassle and the cost of moving data from processing tool to a review tool

CEO Message

25 Years in legal document

25 Years in legal document management has shown one consistency...nothing stays the same. Minify Discovery and the Infinity Service are a testament to that notion; watching our business change and adapt from a brick and mortar office to a virtual ESI environment. Minify software has been developed and used commercially for the past 9 years. In the last two years, we engaged our incredible offshore partner, to further develop and virtualize our platform at the direction of our team.

How do we offer

How do we offer our aggressive pricing structure? We started with a highly seasoned and talented team of People (it is always about the people!), taking advantage of our proven and tested Platform (Minify software) and developing robust and intelligent Procedures (combining the best virtual infrastructure, work flow, and offshore data management cost). We keep our overhead cost low and have no commissioned Sales People!

Our investment

Our investment has been in the talent and the tools! No one in our Management Team has less than 10 years of industry experience and all have worked with sole practitioners to Fortune 10 companies. We have continuously invested and developed our software.

What do we do?

What do we do? We are a provider of a highly flexible ESI service that focuses on processing and Early Case Assessment (ECA) at a price point that can be taken advantage by the smallest firm tho the largest companies in the word. Our process and output can greatly reduce the cost for ESI management and reduces the size and cost of using other longer term hosting in other platforms! We quickly and efficiently allow our clients to reduce their data sets to smaller and more manageable sizes. This reduces cost in every step of the process!


  • Partner at Mid-Atlantic litigation boutique firm

    Our firm used Minify as a tool in contentious arbitration proceedings involving hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. Minify’s processing speed and basic search features allowed us to efficiently hone in on the relevant emails and reports. We were able to focus on the core documents, obtain a very favorable settlement, and saved our client a great deal of time and money.

Enhance your eDiscovery


Data Center

Minify Discovery has made the investment in the IT infrastructure necessary to meet the demands of large and rush projects. Our data center in Chicago has over 200 TB of active, high speed storage supporting over 100 virtual servers. It’s virtually limitless capacity and 24/7 operations deliver the most extensive, resilient, controllable and secure facilities for collecting and processing data.

Our data center in Chicago comply with Safe Harbor, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, SAS 70, SSAE 16, and other various legislative requirements. It is SOC 2 Type2 and SOC 3 certified.

Salient Features:

  • Cooling: From dozens of mounted air conditioners and sub-floor "cooling loops" to an interchanging array of hot aisles and cold aisles
  • Power: Plug in to multiple power grids and back-up generators
  • Fire Suppression: Waterless fire suppression system
  • Secure Access: Surveillance cameras and biometric hand readers, limit data center entry to key employees and pre-approved personnel

Security Center

Minify eDiscovery processing locations follow stringent security protocols and comply with various certifications.

Salient Features:

  • ISO 27001:2005 certified processing facilities for ISMS ( Information Security Management Systems)
  • Staff comply with OFAC (U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control) checks
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layers) Encrypted Network Communications
  • Multi-Layered Password Security Methodology
  • 24-hours manned security with access-controlled (via access cards) doors, and monitoring (via CCTV cameras)

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