Discovering buried evidence

Minify is a complete eDiscovery solution for easy identification and
efficient review of relevant documents.


Easy to learn interface allows users to search and review documents quickly.


Configurable display adapts to the needs of any user, beginner to advanced.


Processing engine can utilize multiple computers to meet the demands of the largest cases.


Output templates automate workflow and reduce the time needed to produce consistent results.


MinifyData is a proven electronic discovery processing suite that helps companies quickly identify and analyze data.

Easy-Discovery Processing

Developed by a team of eDiscovery experts, MinifyData is a complete eDiscovery processing platform that reduces the time to prepare cases for review. MinifyData’s automated workflow adapts to the needs of any case, providing a defensible, repeatable, and documented process. MinifyData is both scalable and distributed to allow users to easily manage the massive amount of data encountered in today's complex litigation.

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Minify Data


MinifyView is an intuitive and highly flexible online data review and early case assessment tool.

Data Analysis and Review, Simplified

Using the power of MinifyData’s processing engine, MinifyView facilitates the efficient review and culling of case data through an easy-to-use web interface. MinifyView’s fully customizable layout can adapt to the requirements of any case. Features include basic linear review, advanced searching, and powerful reporting that can all be accomplished by logging on from any computer without the need to install software locally.

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Minify Discovery
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